81.20 ACRES

Cheap Rural Land LS Brush MountainPrice: $26,999 $499 Down, $288/Month (25% discount) County: Humboldt                                 State: Nevada

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Price: $15,999                                        Seller Financing: Yes $499 Down, $155/Month                                              County: Pershing                                   State: Nevada

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80.25 ACRES

Price: $34,999                                        Seller Financing: Yes $499 Down, $350/Month                                              County: Pershing                                   State: Nevada

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What makes us #1 in Cheap Land For Sale?

  • Purchase in less than 5 minutes: Email: earl@cheapruralproperty.com or
    Call Earl at 949-632-7066

  • Lowest pricing in Nevada – guaranteed

  • Low down, low monthly payments, everyone qualifies

  • No credit checks – everyone qualifies

  • 60 day money back guarantee

  • Discounts for cash purchases

Lowest pricing guaranteed:

Prices are as low as $400/acre – the cheapest land for sale in Nevada. We will match the price of any Nevada acreage that is similar in size, location, and access to our cheap land for sale – period. Nevada offers exceptional rural land investment opportunities at low cost.

Low down, low monthly payments, everyone qualifies:

We provide easy seller financing with low down payments, low monthly payments! There are no credit checks – we finance everybody! There are no prepayment penalties of any kind – pay off the loan whenever you choose.

60 day money back guarantee:

Our cheap land for sale is guaranteed for any reason for 60 days from your date of purchase.  If you are unwilling to continue with the sale for any reason, we will return your money in full – no questions asked.

Discounts on Cash Purchases:

We’ll offer discounts for cash purchases on our acreage for sale.

Investment Opportunity:

Cheap rural property investments are simple, low cost and safe. There are no safer investment opportunities than in cheap rural property: (a) land remains forever, (b) it is limited in quantity (they are not making any more of it), (c) it increases in value with or without improvement, and (d) nothing needs to happen to increase its value but the passage of time – it doesn’t require any rezoning, or development activities of any kind, and it doesn’t have to be in the path of growth. All that is required is the passing of time for it to acquire increased value. There are countless historical examples of this simple fact! Cheap rural property is an excellent long term, low cost investment opportunity!

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